In the previous post, I talked about the integrated services in aws.


So today, I completed the module where I learnt cloudfront, cloudwatch etc. It was an interesting module and everything is quite self-explanatory. The docs are very nice too.

That marks the end of the Amazon part, I will be moving on to learning from a book called "DevOps Bootcamp" alongside numerous contents on the web ranging from videos to articles.

The DevOps bootcamp book's content looks very well arranged, and I believe that it should be a good start for me. I also would be learning advanced bash scripting since I have very basic knowledge of bash, I'll also be studying more internal linux thingy ( OS in general ) - IO, Memory Management, etc.

Truth be told, there's so much to learn, and I'm excited. I'm trying to be confident in myself because doubting will only make me lag and not progress. I have downloaded a couple of books on DevOps which I'll spend more time on and write what I learn from them on this my little blog.

I downloaded books on:

Stay tuned, I'll try to write on this blog daily :)