In the previous post, I talked about the integrated services in aws.


I have finally understood why people say Jenkins is hard and stressful. I mean HOW DID I SPEND SO MANY HOURS CONFIGURING BUILDS AND ONE DIDN'T EVEN WORK ?

Yeah, I know I'm just starting out but omo, no be here. I'll go and learn how to work with Travis CI, GitHub actions, Azure DevOps and Gitlab CI etc.

So basically, today was about learning what Continuous Integration is all about. CI has to do with engaging a particular build of an app or software in series of tests, builds itself, compilations and static code analysis.

The book I'm currently reading focused on Jenkins. It is a CI tool, I installed it and created a new job that passed a build. Jenkis also allows the integration of plugins to test code quality and statically carry out code analysis ( SonarQube).

I was unable to integrate the static code analysis plugin to work well in Jenkins, I've left it alone. Maybe some other time in the future.


The book I was reading wasn't detailed enough for a beginner, however, as a result, I was able to learn more by googling. I had many issues fixing the build, but it was fun all through.

I also had issues installing SonarQube ( and Postgres majorly ) but this article was very helpful. Upon all my wahala, it didn't work for the build, but WE MOVE!.


I'll be looking into the container section of the book where I'll be introduced to Docker and maybe other ones. I'll also try to study on other CI tools, I have tried Travis before, so I believe the others should be easier than Jenkins.

Until then, if you were here, drop a comment.