In the previous post, I talked about jenkins showed me pepper.


Today was all about getting my ssh connection to work with Ansible. I was using the wrong IP address, sighs.

I learned about Ansible, creating an inventory and connecting it to ssh too. I skipped the chapters on automatic host builds because it requires a lot of data ( since I'll be practising by downloading a whole ubuntu apt repo, kasa! ).

I also learnt a bit of virtualization, although I have previous experience with it. The next topic is automation with ansible where I'll be learning how to create playbooks, roles, web servers etc.

That'll be all for today, I spent the most of my time fixing an error I made which was a simple misplacement of a digit in the ip address....

My IP address was 192.XX.XX.XX, and I was running ssh on 196.XX.XX.XX.. I finally figured the issue when I slept and woke up, perhaps all I needed was a bit of rest.

Until tomorrow again!