I'm a big fan of the command line.


I don't think there's anyone who's as confused as me, or maybe I don't know what confusion is. I actually love the terminal, my first JavaScript project was a command line tool for generating favicons from images. My first articles were on building command line tools.

I most times write code in nano, not a big fan of vim but I'll definitely learn it one of these days. I suck at designs that's why I don't do frontend development and the likes - I prefer backend API designing and structuring, a skill I'm not sure I'm good at. I also like to learn new languages for curiousity purposes and can't settle down to gain perfect mastery over one - I can't write JavaScript like I used to one time. Maybe because I don't see it as my primary source of income, however, I want to go deep into the command line path and I think that's what "DevOps" is all about.

I might just take a break and decide what path I really want to go into tbh. I can write, I don't take writing seriously like it's a big job - I mean, it's more of premium freelance and it's both talent and passion that's fetching me money from technical writing. But then, I love the command line too much :)

What next?

Omo, idk. But one thing is sure, I'll not take part in active development instead I'll level up my skills to fight away this imposter syndrome I've been having recently. Maybe I don't actually know a thing and I'm just blaming imposter syndrome. I have spoken to a Twitter friend on DevOps and I got materials so I'll be going through them for the next couple of months as well as general programming refreshing. I'll also continue technical writing, I have to keep my readers updated.

Levelling up my skills in general sounds cool to me, no one will hire someone who doesn't know how to do anything y'know. I also need to build confidence in my skills, I lack confidence in my skills and that's why I haven't seen half of my true potential I think. All in all, I hope to get better in the next couple of months and tbh, I'll be putting in real work and documenting every learning on my blog henceforth.

Until when?

Well, I hope to write on my learnings starting anytime soon - data structures, thoughts, general things etc. I'll leave you in suspense till when I write another article - that's if I have readers abi lol.